Because the depressed person finds no possibility for life within the cloistered limits of the normal, she becomes radically open to other possibilities. She opens herself to the random. In this way, the depressed person becomes the portal of the beautiful. She becomes the creator of counter-worlds, other places where she might be able to live without being this miserable thing that she ineluctably is.
Curtis White on the revolutionary potential of the depressed. (I love this piece.)



After Eden


When the garden reached perfection,
it was time to lock the gates
behind them. Never mind
apportioning blame: animals,
flowers, all conspired at endings.

If the world remained a mystery,
they would do their best,
and worst, to solve it. This
was a place of want and weather:
serpentine the roots and rivers.

After years of cultivation,
earth mimics that first
perfection: grasses glow
and apples ripen. Time again
to lock the gates behind them.

Linda Pastan



From St. John’s to North Sound
we march armoured in our
national colours; blood-red
flags snake like bushmasters
in our calloused digits.
We’re a fair-faced David,
so send in the giants:
the world can have Messi;
give us Byers. The world
can have Suarez; give us
Burton. Let us bulwark
our borders with soldiers
home-grown on pepperpot,
fungi, and ducana.

Benna Boys by Shakeema Edwards

The Benna Boys are Antigua and Barbuda’s national football team. 

Benna (or bennah) is a genre of Antiguan and Barbudan folk music. It is a calypso-like genre, characterized by scandalous gossip and a call-and-response format. It first appeared after the prohibition of slavery, and became a form of folk communication in the early 20th century, and it spread local news across the islands

(via caribbeancivilisation)